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You may wonder, why consultancy when you can find any information online? Through the internet students and parents can find endless career options and how to go for them. But online a student can’t find out the kind of personality he/she possesses, what are their strengths/weaknesses and how to convert weaknesses into strengths. Since a person is a product of choices he made during the initial years of his career, consulting before deciding on his career is vital. Deciding a career is more than having a lucrative path. Your career is an integration point of your individual personality and society. Having a good career not just helps you in achieving your personal goals but also helps you in being a contributing member of society.

Career consultancy enables you to realise your potential and what you want from your life. It boosts your confidence and develops a problem-solving attitude as a student. A counsellor also motivates you to aim high so that you could become the best version of yourself.

Main benefits students drive from consulting their career:

  • Apart from guiding them on the educational path a counsellor also helps students in tackling competition.
  • Every student is unique and a counsellor brings out the best in you.
  • They boost students’ confidence and inspire them to learn new skills.
  • Enhance communication skills along with developing a problem-solving attitude.
  • With relevant questions they make you realise your true passion.
  • Research and analysis make you understand things deeply.
  • A counsellor saves students time by enriching them with their experience.
  • Develops boldness in decision making with the knowledge of the latest trends.

It depends on the area of your interest and your goal and vision in life.If you want to become an engineer you should go for PCM, in case your goal is medical, agriculture, or dairy science, definitely go with PCB.

yes there are many, you can opt for Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Agricultural science, Dairy science, Occupational therapy(BOT), Psychology, etc.

Having an Art background definitely helps you in preparation but in civil Services exams, if you have the right mindset and right attitude combined with smartness and hard work, you’ll succeed irrespective of your background.

Yes, apart from PCS exams, you could have an amazing career in psychology, you could become a Teacher, Lecturer, Lawyer, Designer, Writer, etc. So there are lucrative career opportunities in social science too.

There are many designing as well as fashion designing institutes in India. Among them, NIFT (National Institute Of Fashion Technology) and NID (National Institute Of Design) is Government of India backed premier institutes. You have to register yourself for the entrance
exam. After cracking the exam you would be enrolled to study, after successfully completing courses you would become a designer.

MCQ (Multiple choice questions) from three sections Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

If your rank is under 10000 in Jee Advance then you have a possibility to get into top IITs.

650- 700 hundred is a good score and students with up to 200 NEET rank have a high possibility to get good government colleges

If you are doing something which can’t hold your interest, you would not feel happy while doing that particular job and this will impact all areas of life adversely

Having high quantitative aptitude is required to go into top management colleges but
maths is not a necessity in graduation for management.

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